Sunday, February 12, 2012

Everglades National Park - 02/12/12

I have been a bit lax in updating our blog for the past few days, so I will take care of that today.

Wednesday was overcast with temperatures in the high 70’s and frequent showers. We decided it would be a good day to do our laundry. The Laundromat is located 14 miles from the Long Pine Key Campground. We are now good to go with clean clothing and bedding for another week or so. We can access the Internet in the Laundromat parking lot with our T-Mobile service, so we were able to catch up on emails and business related matters.

Thursday was pretty much a repeat performance of Wednesday, weather-wise. Our 10-foot square canopy kept us dry while we enjoyed the warm weather outside.

Friday we went to the Walmart in Florida City to get a few items. It is located about 20 miles from the Long Pine Key Campground. We were able to access the Internet in their parking lot with our T-Mobile service.

On our return trip to the campground we stopped at an open-air style fruit and vegetable store called "Robert Is Here." They have been in business for 52 years as of 2012. A sign posted on their property advertises they have the best milk shakes anywhere. Every time we have passed by their store, over the past few days, their parking lot has always been full.

Sharon and I each had a cherry flavored key lime milkshake. These milkshakes, at $5.00 each, were the best ever! They definitely backed up their advertising with these milkshakes. While customers are waiting for their milkshake to be processed they can visit a mini-zoo on the property, located behind the store. It is a children's petting zoo containing farm animals and waterfowl. When a milkshake order is ready they announce the number printed on the customer’s receipt over their PA system.

There are signs posted at each parking space stating: "Lock your vehicle and hide your valuables." The store is located in an agriculture area on the way to Everglades National Park. This area appears to be heavily populated with immigrant farm workers, so perhaps this is the legal disclaimer the store employs in the event of any vehicle break-in’s on their property. It was a very interesting place to visit.

Saturday was a "do nothing" days for us. It was partly sunny and in the mid-70’s. A very pleasant day overall. We both spent time reading and playing board games.

Sunday morning we awoke to a temperature of 46 degrees F. A wee bit on the chilly side. We fired up the generator, turned on our electric heater in the trailer and were nice and toasty in no time at all. The temperature was in the low 60’s today so we bundled up a bit to keep warm. We decided this would be a fine day to go exploring in Everglades National Park, so off we went. We spent about four hours exploring the park, totally enchanted with the scenic beauty of the diversified landscape in abundance here.

Tomorrow, another new adventure begins!

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