Friday, August 31, 2012

Swift Current Lake - 08/31/12

This is our last day at Glacier National Park. We decided we would hike the 2.4-mile trail around the Swift Current Lake at Many Glacier.

On the way to Many Glacier, we came upon an open grass area by a shallow slow flowing river about 100 yards wide at the base of a mountain. On the far side of the river was a momma Grizzly bear with her cub frolicking about on the river bank. We sat in our camping chairs by the side of the road for about 30 minutes watching the two bears interacting with one another in and out of the water. This was our second Grizzly sighting at Glacier National Park, but this one was really special.

We arrived at the Swift Current Lake, had our backpack packed with a picnic lunch and had our bear bells attached to the backpack to signal our presence to any bears that might be near or on the trail. We also had a bear spray canister with us in the event we encountered any bears on the trail. It was a very easy hike around the lake on a trail bordered by a dense forest on one side and the shimmering sunlit lake on the other side. There were several places to rest alongside the lake, so we took advantage of them to admire the majesty beauty of the mountains rising up before us. We had our picnic lunch in a very nice picnic area along the trail. We finished our hike fully refreshed and agreed this was the perfect ending to our trip to Glacier National Park.

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