Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy Horse Memorial - 09/12/12

Today we decided we would visit the Crazy Horse Memorial to see what progress has been made since our last visit there in 1996. Fortunately, visitors to the memorial can see the sculpture with binoculars from about 2-1/2 miles away on US-16/385. Progress has been very slow on this sculpture over the years. The facial features have been refined, but that is about all that has been accomplished, from what we could see. This memorial is a non-profit, educational and cultural project, privately financed through donations and entrance fees. The entry fee is $10 per adult or $27 a carload. We decided not to enter the memorial on this trip.

We visited the town of Custer and had a late lunch at Cattleman's, a local restaurant. I had BBQ Buffalo Brisket and Sharon had BBQ ¼ Chicken. Sharon got the better dish. The chicken was moist, tender and delicious. The buffalo brisket was disappointing. It had an excellent taste, but it was somewhat dry and tough. We frequent a BBQ in Naperville, IL that has beef brisket to die for. It is so tender and juicy it just falls apart when you stick a fork in it. Such is life while traveling to new places and sampling the local cuisine, its just another part of the adventure.

We returned to Custer State Park in the late afternoon and toured the Wildlife Loop Road to see what wildlife had ventured out at dusk.. We saw numerous deer, Pronghorn Sheep and one bison! Tomorrow we will visit the Visitor Center to find out where the other 1,449 bison are!

Shortly after we returned to our campground, a flock of wild turkeys were right outside our trailer door. I asked Sharon to inquire if any of them were interested in joining us for Thanksgiving! They dispersed to the other side of the campground in short order. What a shame, there were a few nice plump ones in the flock too!

Another day, another deer, Pronghorn Sheep, one bison, many turkeys…

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