Thursday, February 28, 2013

Flamingo - 02/28/13

Thursday – February 28, 2013

Thursday – February 28, 2013

We spent a very peaceful and restful first night at the Flamingo Campground in the Everglades National Park. We are both enjoying the convenience and added comfort of the electrical hookup at our campsite. There were frequent rain showers throughout the evening, providing a soothing patter of raindrops upon the roof of our trailer.

A cold front from the north is approaching southern Florida, producing a chilly evening and morning with the temperatures in the low 60’s. As the day evolved, a partially sunny sky produced a temperature in the mid-70’s. We decided this would be a good time to explore the area on our bicycles.

We explored our campground first, Loop T, followed by the Loop A, B and C campgrounds. Loop T has 65 campsites restricted to trailer or motorhome campers. No tent camping is allowed on any of these sites. Sites 1 through 41 have electric hookups. Loops A, B and C are available for tent, trailer or motorhome campers. There are no electric hookups at these campgrounds. Loop A has 55 campsites. Loop B has 59 campsites and Loop C has 56 campsites. Loop C was closed due to low campsite demand. We then followed the road out of the Flamingo campground that took us past the campground entrance. A short distance from the entrance, another road veers off to the right that takes the visitor to the Walk-In camping area located adjacent to the Florida Bay.

The Walk-In camping area resembles a vast manicured grassy wasteland. The area is dotted with palm trees and small deciduous trees overlooking the vast expanse of the Florida Bay. The camping area contains 65 sites and is about one football field wide by two football fields long. This area is designated tent camping only. Campers park their vehicles in the designated parking areas and walk a short distance to their tent sites. This is a very popular area for tent campers as well as the favorite area for all campers to view the gorgeous sunsets over the open water.

At the end of the Walk-In camping area, there is a paved walking / bike path that terminates at the park Marina and Visitor Center. This is about a one-half mile, winding pathway that hugs the shoreline and presents the visitor with numerous visual delights. A highlight of our trip on this pathway was spotting a huge Osprey nest at the top of what appeared to be a dead tree. There were two restless young Ospreys in the nest testing their wings for their maiden flight.

Visitors to the Marina Center have the opportunity to enjoy two tour boat options. One tour traverses the Florida Bay and the other tour traverses a canal through the Everglades. Both tours are narrated and provide the visitor with opportunities to view an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery.

We returned to our campsite contented from our day of exploring this sub-tropical paradise.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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Walk-In Tent Camping Area in Picture Below

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