Monday, April 1, 2013

Little Rock, AR - 04/01/13

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Time to move on! We departed the Rocky Point Campground at Wright Patman Lake near Texarkana, Texas at 9:10 a.m. We were originally planning to drive straight through to Memphis, Tennessee, but we decided in route to spend the night at the Maumelle Park Campground near Little Rock, Arkansas.

We arrived at the Maumelle Park campground at 1:00 p.m. and were assigned a campsite facing the river. This is a beautiful C.O.E. campground located right next to the shoreline of the Arkansas River. There are 130 campsites designated for RV or tent camping that are located within Loops A, B C, D, E and F. Campsites A10 through A18 and B20 through B37 are located next to the shoreline of the Arkansas River. All other campsites are located within partially wooded areas. There are three restroom facilities with flush toilets and hot showers. There are five private room showers, with locking doors, per restroom facility.

After a brief period of relaxation, under a beautiful sunny sky with the temperature in the low-70’s, we were eager to begin our tour of the campground. So off we go! This campground is spread out over a very large area, providing the campers with a beneficial heart healthy walk of about one mile throughout the campground. Loop A campsites are located by a boat marina that houses some very large yachts and houseboats. All of the berths were filled, so we were able to view a variety of boat styles and sizes. Upon our return to our campsite, we heard a low rumbling sound coming from the direction of the river. We looked up and observed a riverboat tethered to four barges traveling south on the river. We never cease to be entertained by the sight of these riverboat barges plying their trade on our mighty river waterways.

The Maumelle Park campground provided pleasant memories of my visits here during the middle to late1990’s. I used this campground as my home base for our 1995 Safari Motorhome when I would make sales calls on manufacturing companies within the Little Rock area.

We look forward to a restful night in this lovely state park.

Camping Fee: $12.00 per night with our Golden Age Passport).
Campsite: B22

Total miles traveled today: 164

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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