Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Model RailRoad Museum - 08/28/13

Wednesday - August 28, 2013

We spent a wonderful three hours at the Greeley Freight Station Museum in Greeley, Colorado. It opened to the public in 2009. This is a huge world-class model railroad museum containing a layout of 5,500 square feet. There is a staging yard with a total of 14 trains of up to 90 cars in overall length. The train equipment consists of 2,000 cars with 150 locomotives. The train layout is based on the OC&E as it might have run between Klamath Falls and Lakeview, Oregon in 1975. The theme is mountainous, bridge line railroading in Oregon’s open and vast timber country. There are 15 bridges and 12 tunnels including several spectacular high-wooden trestles. There are 23,400 trees; 14,000 fir, 6,000 deciduous and 3,400 aspen, all hand made.

During the weekdays a computer controls the control panel that operates the trains. On the weekends, an engineer manually operates the control panel. The design and construction of the train layout is authentic down to the smallest detail. Fans of model railroads will absolutely fall in love with this museum!

It is a 25-mile drive from our campground at the Boyd Lake State Park in Loveland, Colorado. On our return trip to the campground, around 4:00 p.m., we spotted a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Time for an early dinner! We both ordered the chicken fried chicken with three sides. We returned to our campground with our appetites totally satisfied. Another enjoyable dining experience at Cracker Barrel.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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