Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rainbows at Big Cypress - 01/05/14


Sunday – January 5, 2014
Big Cypress National Preserve
Midway Campground

It has been an overcast day with occasional rain showers. We really can’t complain, since the temperature is in the low eighties. It sure beats the frigid temperatures in the Chicago area. We are so glad we are fortunate to be able to ride out the winters in warm climates during our retirement.

We met a delightful couple, Michael and April from Traverse, Michigan. They settled into a campsite next to ours. Michael is a retired, disabled Army Veteran, probably in his mid-forties. They spend the winter months at the Naval Base in Key West, Florida. Military bases, throughout the U.S., provide on-base camping privileges to retired military personnel at reasonable rates. Last winter they camped in Florida in a tent. They decided tent camping was not going to work for them for another winter, so they purchased a fifth-wheel trailer and pickup truck over the summer. They now are very happy campers, in their new home away from home.

We were presented with a wonderful show of nature late this afternoon. Two beautiful rainbows appeared side-by-side, one fainter than the other. Two perfect multicolor arcs, forming a brilliant silhouette against the overcast sky. A perfect ending to the day!

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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