Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wild Life Refuge - 02/06/14


Thursday – February 6, 2014
Wild Life Refuge
Pioneer Park Campground
Zolfo, Florida

There is a small, well-maintained, wildlife refuge located within the confines of Pioneer Park. Admission for adults is $4.28. Visitors to the Wildlife Refuge traverse an elevated boardwalk that overlooks the animals and their surroundings. It is a well-shaded and very scenic area to explore.

The refuge is home to a pair of Florida panthers (one male and one female), ostrich, raccoons, otters, red fox, black bear, screech owls and three deer (two does and one buck). There are also four alligators that reside within this refuge. One of the alligators is one of the largest we have seen in all of our travels through Florida. It is only about 10 feet in length, but its body probably measures 4 or 5 feet across. It is obviously well fed by the refuge staff.

There are several feral cats that live in the wooded sections surrounding the wildlife refuge. Every morning the cats gather by a feeding station and are fed by the refuge staff. Any leftovers are quickly gobbled up by several black vultures patiently waiting by the feeder.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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