Thursday, July 24, 2014

Spray Hose Mod - 07/24/14

Thursday – July 24, 2014
Spray Hose Mod
Chicago, Illinois

My project for today is to replace the faucet and spray hose on the outside shower on the Casita Travel Trailer. We use the outside shower frequently while camping. The problem is the sprayer hose is too long, making it difficult to fit back into the spray-port outlet box.

My solution is to replace the Casita supplied faucet with a Phoenix P1404M-55QCI White 4" Replacement Two-Handle Spray Away Faucet and replace the 60" hose with a Phoenix 9342N40 White 40" Nylon Hose. A Phoenix 9-SA-PT-ADPT Quick Connect Adapter screws on to one end of the hose.

This project is completed in short order. The sprayer hose now fits quite nicely inside the spray-port outlet box.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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