Sunday, September 28, 2014

Getting Ready for Winter - 09/29/14

Sunday – September 28, 2014
Getting Ready for Winter
Chicago, Illinois

I spent the weekend getting our Casita Travel Trailer ready for travel to the southwest for the winter.

  • Sanitized and flushed the freshwater tank and water lines.
  • Sanitized and flushed the hot water heater.
  • Checked the operation of the refrigerator on propane and electric.
  • Checked the tires and brought them up to the proper pressure.
  • Washed and polished the trailer.
  • Washed our tow vehicle.

All that remains is to load up the trailer, get an oil change for our tow vehicle and we are good to go. We plan to depart the Chicago area later this week.

We are fortunate to have one of our daughters living in our home while we are away for the winter. In the past our neighbors have kept a watchful eye on our home while we were gone, while a security camera system allowed us to view the inside and outside of our home on our laptop computer. Now that our daughter will be living there, it provides us with a higher degree of security for our home while we are away.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.




  1. Good time to head out for a winter adventure. As recent retirees we've always wanted to take a winter trip, but our Casita is packed away during the winter and once the snow falls it might be difficult to get it out of the back yard.

    This summer was our first long trip and we did have concerns about leaving the house. Both our families are in different states, so having someone housesit wasn't an option. We solved that by having a friend check in on a regular basis and hiring a lawn service to mow the lawn so we didn't look like an abandoned house :-)

    Save travels.

  2. Best wishes for an outstanding winter adventure!! We used to full-time in our MH (40 ft. DP) but found we couldn't travel too far on 8 miles per gallon and then you are limited on where you can park. We now have a 2008 Casita Liberty Deluxe. Trying to figure out the house issues and our Shih Tzu is 17 years old and suffering from dementia. So our travels are limited for a time!! We are thinking of downsizing to an apartment so we can just lock the door and go.
    Looking forward to following along with you guys as you travel this winter!!