Monday, December 8, 2014

Burro Encounter - 12/08/14 - Yuma, AZ

Monday – December 08, 2014
Wild Burro Encounters
Imperial Dam BLM
Yuma, Arizona

We had some unexpected visitors at our campsite the last two nights. On Sunday night, as the sun was setting, two adult wild burros ventured into our campsite, came right up to the door of our trailer, looked around, and then slowly wandered off to join up with three other burros at another campsite.

On Monday night, again as the sun was setting, four burros visited our campsite: two adults, each one with a juvenile. The adults are only about four feet high at the shoulder and the juveniles were about three feet high at the shoulder. The little ones were so full of energy; frolicking about and butting the hindquarters of their respective mother’s with their heads in their apparent attempts to secure some milk.

We believe the burros come out of the desert at night to drink water from the reservoir at the dam by Squaw Lake. The reservoir is near the South Mesa area where we are camped. There are wild burro trails throughout the desert in this area that lead to the reservoir.

We retired for the night after another amazing sunset here in the Arizona desert.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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