Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Katie's Restaurant - 12/09/15 - New Orleans, LA

Wednesday – December 9, 2015
Katie’s Restaurant
New Orleans, Louisiana

We begin my special day under sunny skies and pleasant temperatures in the high sixties. We will celebrate my birthday at Katie’s Restaurant. This is one of our favorite restaurants located in a residential neighborhood in mid-city New Orleans.

Katie’s Restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives in 2011. This is our fourth visit in the past three years to this charming neighborhood restaurant. It is a small restaurant with about 15 tables plus a bar on the inside, and a few tables facing the street on the outside. It is located on the corner of Iberville and Telemachus streets in a residential neighborhood, only one block from the Canal Street Streetcar Line. It is quite far from the French Quarter and not within walking distance from there.

Drive to Katie's Restaurant

Parking throughout the neighborhood is free, but finding an open parking space can be difficult during the lunch and dinner hours. The streets are narrow, due to vehicles parked on both sides of the street, and very rough due to numerous asphalt-covered pothole repairs. Drive slowly or risk damaging your vehicle’s suspension! This area will challenge your parallel parking skills, especially if you have a large SUV or full size van. Fortunately, they now have a parking lot close by that they purchased in 2013.

Katie’s provides the diner with delicious, innovative cuisine and a friendly, attentive wait staff. We enjoyed a few of their savory menu selections:

Appetizer: Remmy Stack
Fried green tomatoes topped with Louisiana gulf shrimp and a homemade remoulade sauce. The fried green tomatoes are served with several large gulf shrimp lightly covered with the delicious remoulade sauce.

Cochon Beignet with Grilled Shrimp

This was my delicious selection. A tennis ball-sized beignet stuffed with grilled onion, shredded pork and mozzarella cheese, with a topping of grilled shrimp and a homemade remoulade sauce. Simply outstanding!

BBQ Shrimp / Roast Beef Poboy
Sharon ordered this delicious gem. Served on French bread, the poboy is layered with succulent roast beef followed by a topping of BBQ shrimp and a special homemade sauce.

We finished off our meal with a piece of their homemade strawberry cake, appropriately enough for my birthday!

We have never left Katie’s without ordering one of their delicious pizzas. This visit was no exception. We ordered one of our favorites... To Go: Their Boudreaux Pizza. It is a very crispy, thin crust pizza with toppings of smoked pork, spinach, whole garlic cloves and several different cheeses. This will be our lunch for tomorrow!

Birthday boy and wife arrived back at the campground very contented and well-fed. A short walk through the campground burned off a few of the many calories we had just consumed.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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