Monday, August 1, 2016

Shirley's Tippy Canoe - 08/01/16 - Troutdale, OR

Monday – August 1, 2016
Shirley’s Tippy Canoe
Troutdale, Oregon

On this segment of our travel we bid a fond farewell to Bend, Oregon and head north on US-97, then continue north onto US-26. Our destination today is Shirely’s Tippy Canoe restaurant in Troutdale, Oregon. This restaurant was featured on a segment of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives (DDD) that we viewed while spending the winter in Yuma, Arizona. Two of their specialties featured on the program were a Sloppy Joe and a Polish Dip. Since we were planning to visit Oregon during the summer of 2016, we put this restaurant on our places to visit.

There is a point on northbound US-26 that evokes an overwhelming sense of wonder. In the far distance suddenly appears the most famous snow-capped, iconic peak, of the tallest mountain in the Oregon Cascade Mountain Range: Mt. Hood (elevation 11,249 feet). With its snow-capped peak, it is a most humbling experience to personally witness the majestic splendor of this evolving, geologic structure of nature.

As we continued our journey northbound on US-26 we went to check out the Oxbow County Park Campground in Troutdale as a possible place to stay for the night. After a quick tour of the campground we decided it was too congested for our preferences. We decided we would stay at the Mt. Hood Ski Bowl Sno-Park that we had passed on US-26 while traveling to Troutdale.

With our accommodations for the night decided, we continued on our journey to Shirley’s Tippy Canoe Restaurant.

The restaurant is located on the Historic Columbia Highway. Constructed between 1913 and 1922, this was America’s first scenic highway, taking full advantage of the Columbia River Gorge’s natural beauty. Upon completion it was referred to as the "King of Roads." This was the historical significance we basked in while dining at Shirley’s Tippy Canoe. It was such a pleasant evening we chose to dine outside. We ordered their specialties featured on "DDD:" the Sloppy Joe and the Polish Dip. Both selections were excellent; and quite filling!

We retreated to the Mt. Hood SkiBowl and settled in for a restful night along with one other RV.

The Mount Hood SkiBowl is a recreation area on Mount Hood located near Government Camp, Oregon. It is the largest night ski area in the United States. The resort is the closest ski venue to Portland, with an elevation of 3,600 feet at the lodge, rising to just over 5,000 feet at the summit. The average snowfall at the area is 300 inches and 65 marked trails. The area is also popular for summer recreation with mountain bikers. An adventure park in the area includes alpine slides, zip-line, and bungee jumping.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

Travel Details:
Departed: Bend, Oregon
Departure Time: 10:35 A.M.
Arrived: Troutdale, Oregon
Arrival Time: 3:35 P.M.

Campground: Mount Hood Ski Bowl
Type: National Forest
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 45.30242
Longitude: W 121.77385
Elevation: 3685 Feet
Camping Fee: Free
Campsite: Parking Lot
Campsite Hookups: None
Campground Amenities: None
Total Campsites: Several

Cellular Service: Verizon – 4G-3 Bars
Internet Service: Verizon Jetpack – 5 Bars
Dish TV Satellite Service: Excellent Service

Total miles traveled today: 215
Route Traveled:
North on US-97
North on US-26

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