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Little House Customs - 03/24/13

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Sunday – 03/24/13

Busy day today! We will have breakfast, shower, stow away loose items in the trailer, hitch up our Casita Trailer, wash our E150 Ford Cargo Van and trailer, then travel to Yantis, Texas for a 10:00 a.m. appointment with Little House Customs.

We awoke at 5:00 a.m. to a very dark cold morning with the temperature in the high 30’s. Compared to the warm weather we had enjoyed in southern Florida for the past three months, hitching up the trailer in this cold weather was brutal. We departed the South Sulphur Unit Campground at Coopers Lake State Park in Sulphur Springs, Texas at 7:30 a.m. The rain had thankfully passed on to the east and we were greeted with a clear sunny sky. The downside was the wind, which was forecast to have gusts up to 35 mph throughout the day. Our first stop was to the McDonalds in Sulphur Springs for our morning caffeine fix. We ordered two of their Caramel Lattes, large size, of course! Our next stop was to a self car wash. These types of car washes are perfect for cleaning our tow vehicle and trailer while hitched up. After about 45 minutes, we had our tow vehicle and trailer washed and ready to roll. We arrived at Little House Customs at 9:50 a.m., ten minutes early for our 10:00 a.m. appointment. I hate to be late for an appointment!

Little House Customs is well known to owners of Casita Travel Trailer. The owners, Larry and Debbie, provide a mail-order business of parts and accessories for our trailers. They also provide installation services for numerous upgrades for Casita and other fiberglass trailers at their shop and also at fiberglass trailer rally’s.

Our first visit to Little House Customs was in December 2012. At that time Larry installed four BAL Stabilizers, a two-step entry step, an extended length door latch and fabricated and welded a metal frame to the tongue of the trailer to hold a DeeZee Tool Box.

On this visit Larry installed three window awnings, and two MaxxAir window vents. We are very pleased with our selection of the color and pattern of the awnings. The awnings and window vents look great and will provide us with additional shade on sunny days, as well as more privacy at night with the window blinds open. The window vents will provide us with additional ventilation during inclement weather. Once again, Larry did an outstanding job on the installations. On Monday, Larry will install the fast-drain modification on our gray water tank.

With the projects scheduled for today completed, Larry and Debbie invited us to dinner at the East Fork Restaurant, located a few miles from their shop at the intersections of TX-515 and TX-154. We had dined with them at this restaurant during our visit in December 2012. This is a very large restaurant with one section containing a bar with a large dance floor. The food is delicious, featuring all-you-can-eat daily specials. On Sunday nights, all of the all-you-can-eat daily specials are available to order. The servings are quite large, so I don’t think they have too many takers for additional servings.

Aside from enjoying good food at the East Fork Restaurant, Larry and Debbie are very enjoyable people to socialize with and carry on interesting conversations. Sharon and I truly enjoy their friendship, hospitality and accommodations during our visits.

After dinner, we returned to their shop and retired to the kitchen to enjoy a dessert Debbie had made earlier that day. The dessert was a delicious peach and apple combination type of cobbler. OMG! This dessert is to die for. If this dessert was listed on their mail-order website, we would order it!

Time to retire for the evening. Larry and Debbie retired to their home, located a short distance from the shop, and Sharon and I retired to the comfort of our Casita trailer parked inside of their shop.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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