Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wedding Anniversary - 03/19/13

Tuesday – 03/19/13

Tuesday – 03/19/13

This is our special day of the year; we are celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary. We are so fortunate to continue to enjoy such a special loving relationship together all these years. We have truly found our soulmates in each other. We spent a laid back morning and early afternoon relaxing and enjoying the warm sunny weather, with the temperature in the mid-70’s. Later in the afternoon we drove into New Orleans for a late lunch at Katie’s, one of our favorite restaurants.

Katie's Restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-in’s & Dives on the Food Network in 2011. It is a small restaurant, about 20 tables plus a bar, with outside dining also available. It is located on the corner of Iberville and Telemachus streets in a residential neighborhood. It is quite far from the French Quarter and definitely not within walking distance from there.

Parking is free, but finding an open parking space in the neighborhood can be difficult. The streets are very narrow and will challenge your parallel parking skills, especially if you have a large SUV or full size Van. Since we have a full size van we found adequate parking to accommodate large vehicles on Bienville Ave. Parking on this street puts diners within two blocks of the restaurant.

Katie’s provides the diner with delicious innovative food preparations and a friendly, attentive wait staff. On this visit, Sharon ordered the fried catfish platter and I ordered the stuffed shrimp seafood pasta. Both dishes were outstanding. We really appreciate the joy of dining at Katie’s. We will return again next year.

We enjoyed the gift of sharing another day together.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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