Thursday, June 12, 2014

Equipment Shelf Mod - 06/12/14

Thursday – June 12, 2014
Equipment Shelf Mod
Chicago, Illinois

Just about every time we arrive back home from one of our extended trips, I have a list of "improvements" I want to add to our Casita. Some are minor and some are major projects. Sharon, on occasion, will cast a skeptical eye on some of these so-called "improvements," but in the end graciously accepts my overwhelming desire to constantly be tinkering with something.

This week’s project involved building and installing two suspended shelves under the ceiling cabinet in the rear of the trailer and installing a Premier Mounts FLIP Flip Down Mount 10 to 18" LCDs (FLIP)to attach to our television set. The shelves will be used to house our DISH ViP211K receiver, DVD Player and WD My Book DVR.

This was a fairly inexpensive project. The only item I had to purchase was the Flip-Down Mount. I had leftover shelves from another project, so I just had to cut them to size. I made the risers from one-inch diameter PVC pipe I had on hand.

I get quite a few ideas for new projects from three fiberglass trailer forums I follow:
Casita Club Forum
Casita Travel Trailer Forum
Molded Lightweight Fiberglass RV Forum
I believe I found the idea for the suspended shelves on the Casita Travel Trailer Forum.

The television is attached to the Flip-Down Mount, the shelves are installed and all of the electronic equipment is neatly in place on the shelves. Sharon inspected the installation, gave me two thumbs up: Project Complete!

Tomorrow another adventure begins!

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