Monday, June 9, 2014

Water Container - 06/09/14

Monday – June 9, 2014
Reliance Water Container
Chicago, Illinois

We spent a few days at the Davis Bayou Campground in Ocean Springs, Mississippi in March 2014. A fellow camper showed me some really nice 6-gallon water containers he used to fill the water tank in his Hi-Lo Travel Trailer. They looked to be well made and should work quite well for filling the water tank on our Casita Travel Trailer.

The water containers are manufactured by Reliance Products. Model: Desert Patrol 6 Gallon. It is a traditional Jeep style rigid water container with an angled handle for two-handed gripping which makes the container easier to lift and pour.

I purchased two of these containers for use while dry camping in the desert in the southwest this winter.

Just thought I would pass this along to other campers who are looking for extra water storage capabilities.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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