Friday, March 11, 2016

High Winds - 03/11/16 - Yuma, AZ

Friday – March 11, 2016
High Winds In The Desert
Imperial Dam BLM LTVA
Yuma, Arizona

Very strong winds swept through the southwest Arizona desert Friday night. Steady winds, approaching 30 mph with wind gusts of 45 mph, were reported on our weather radio throughout the night. One of the campers in the area reported a momentary wind gust of 60 mph on his wind gage equipment.

The aerodynamics and low-profile of our egg-shaped, fiberglass trailer faired quite well in the constantly blowing wind. The winds did rock our trailer a bit, but I would think the larger, high-profile RV’s camped in the area had a worse experience with the wind than we did.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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