Saturday, March 19, 2016

Anniversary - 03/19/16 - Yuma, AZ

Saturday – March 19, 2016
Yuma, Arizona

This is our special day of the year. We are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary. There was an immediate, mutual attraction, 40 years ago, when we met one another for the first time at the Union Train Station in Chicago on Thanksgiving Day 1975. We feel so fortunate that we have enjoyed an enduring, loving relationship that continues to grow stronger, as we continue on our magnificent journey through life together.

We had a marvelous dinner at Jack & Rosie’s Steakhouse, 1551 W. 5th Street, Yuma, Arizona. We discovered this restaurant while searching for a steak restaurant in Yuma, using the YELP app on our smartphone. It received a 4 out of a 5 star rating and definitely lived up to it’s rating.

Sharon enjoyed the Filet Mignon, it was so tender, juicy and delicious. I had the Rib eye Steak, it too was delicious, but not nearly as tender as the filet mignon.

Jack & Rosie’s Steakhouse is housed within a nondescript building, located on a corner, in a residential neighborhood. If it were not for the sign on the building, the restaurant would look like any other home within this residential community.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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