Saturday, April 16, 2016

Turn Out The Lights - 04/16/16 - Yuma, AZ

Saturday – April 16, 2016
Turn Out The Lights
Imperial Dam LTVA
Yuma, Arizona

After 117 days of camping in the desert at the Imperial Dam, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Long-Term-Visitors-Area (LTVA) near Yuma, Arizona it is time to leave. This LTVA is open from September 15 to April 15. The camping fee for this period of time is $180.00. This very reasonable camping fee, the close proximity to Yuma, and mild, sunny, rain-free weather, draws thousands of snowbirds from all over the U.S. and Canada to camp here during the winter months. Our camping fee averaged $1.54 per day during our stay.

It was interesting to see the many different types of camping units used by other campers to accommodate their mobile lifestyle. There were self-made units, motorhomes, travel trailers and then there were the more unusual. Here are a few units in the more unusual category:

1970’s Vintage GM Motorhome

Conventional Semi-Truck Motorhome

Semi-Truck with Attached Living Unit

We were curious to see how many campers would be here on April 16 (the last day to depart before the overnight camping fee of $15.00, with a 14-day limit, starts at this BLM area). Of the approximately 30 camping regions within the Imperial Dam LTVA, the South Mesa was the only region that had about eight campers remaining. We had been camped in the North Florida Flats region and on April 15, only one other camper shared this region with us, far off in the distance. When we awoke on April 16, the other camper had already departed. Turn-Out-The-Lights! We were the only camper remaining in this vast desert wilderness.

We shall miss this desert environment and the many new friends we have met.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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