Monday, May 2, 2016

RoadKill Grill - 05/02/16 - Las Vegas, NV

Monday – May 2, 2016
RoadKill Grill
Las Vegas, Nevada

We saved John Mull’s RoadKill Grill for our final dining experience, before departing Las Vegas. When we viewed the segment on the RoadKill Grill, featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in March 2016, we were intrigued and looked forward to a visit to Las Vegas.

The RoadKill Grill cannot be categorized as a restaurant. There is no inside dining, all food is consumed on the outside, at picnic tables. But do not let that inhibit you from visiting this establishment. The BBQ is outstanding!!!

As you enter the RoadKill Grill, there is a narrow isle, you order the BBQ and sides on one side and order fresh cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Rabbit, Buffalo Patties and Frog Legs on the other side of the isle.

I ordered the Brisket Dinner with sides of Mac & Cheese and Cole Slaw.

Sharon ordered the Pulled Pork Dinner with sides of Baked Beans and Cole Slaw.

Oh… did I mention we ordered a slab of BBQ Ribs to-go? Yep... we did!!!

The RoadKill Grill is located in a residential neighborhood. We were getting a bit concerned that our GPS coordinates were incorrect. We were being taken on a serpentine route through one residential neighborhood after another. But, in the end, our trusty GPS guided us directly to the RoadKill Grill. It was indeed, located within a residential neighborhood!

Across the street from the RoadKill Grill is a home with three horses, grazing in a very small grass yard. Adjacent to the grass yard is a small, circular, sand-based, exercise yard for the horses. It was interesting to see this scenario in a residential neighborhood.

The BBQ was outstanding! RoadKill Grill will definitely see us again on our future visits to Las Vegas.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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