Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lake Tahoe - 06/26/16 - Truckee, CA

Sunday – June 26, 2016
Martis Creek Lake Recreation Area
Alpine Meadows COE Campground
Truckee, California


We are so happy to depart the Redhawk Casino in Placerville, California. On this occasion free camping had it’s downside. RV's were required to park in a bus parking area that is located adjacent to the casino's enclosed parking garage. Music is piped throughout the parking garage area, 24/7. If the music doesn’t eventually frazzle your nerves, then perhaps the almost-constant noise from vehicles and motorcycles entering and leaving the garage will accomplish that task. Since the enclosed garage area provides an excellent echo chamber, there are some folks who love to rev their engines so everyone can enjoy the roar from their loud mufflers. We did eventually get a good nights rest, but, in our opinion, this casino is definitely not set up to accommodate suitable, overnight parking for RV's.

This segment of our trip takes us to Lake Tahoe, California. Our original plan was to camp at a campground in South Lake Tahoe. Upon our arrival at the campground we were informed the campground would be closed from 06/27/16 through 07/01/16, while the area was sprayed to kill off an infestation of mites. These mites are carried by the chipmunks that inhabit the campground. The mite infestation, plus the congestion in the area prompted us to keep on traveling.

South Lake Tahoe is a popular tourist destination with the resultant, annoying traffic congestion. This is not our idea of a fun-filled adventure! We move on! Quickly!

We travel north on CA-89, along the west side of Lake Tahoe and discover almost the entire route is inundated with resorts, most of them obstructing the view of the lake. Occasionally we catch a glimpse of Lake Tahoe. We continue our travel on CA-28 around the north end of Lake Tahoe and take the exit to CA-267. This route takes us north to the Martis Creek Lake Recreation Area near Truckee, California.

Within the Martis Creek Lake Recreation Area is an Army Corps of Engineering (COE) campground: Alpine Meadows. This will be our homebase while we explore the area.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

Travel Details:
Departed: Placerville, California
Departure Time: 8:55 P.M.
Arrived: Truckee, California
Arrival Time: 1:25 P.M.

Campground: Alpine Meadows
Type: Army Corps of Engineer (COE)
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 39.32846
Longitude: W 120.12200
Elevation: 5,871 Feet
Camping Fee: $20.00 (50% discount with Senior Pass)
Campsite: 4
Campsite Hookups: None
Campground Amenities: Vault Toilets, Water Spigots
Total Campsites: 25

Cellular Service: Verizon – 4G-4 Bars
Internet Service: Verizon Jetpack – 5 Bars
Dish TV Satellite Service: Excellent Service

Total miles traveled today: 121
Route Traveled:
East on US-50
North on CA-89
East on CA-28
North on CA-267

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