Saturday, June 25, 2016

Redhawk Casino - 06/25/16 - Placerville, CA

Saturday – June 25, 2016
Redhawk Casino
Placerville, California

As we were preparing to depart the Island Park (COE) Campground near Sanger, California… a slight mishap occurred. Sharon was inside the trailer securing the usual items for travel, while I was outside preparing to hookup the trailer to our tow vehicle. As I was jacking up the trailer, the foot of the jack slipped off the plastic blocks and the trailer swung sideways off of the blocks and hit the ground. Fortunately, no harm was done to Sharon, me or the trailer, but another valuable lesson was learned.

Our trailer has a single axle.

I use a BAL wheel chock that compresses against both sides of the tire, on one side of the trailer, to secure the trailer from moving while I jack the front end up off of the receiver hitch ball. I have been doing it this way for the past 8 years, since we purchased the trailer new in May 2008. What happened is as I jacked the trailer up, the unchocked wheel started to move putting enormous stress on the chocked wheel. The trailer was parked on a cement pad and it shifted on an angle of about one foot after it cleared the plastic blocks and the foot of the jack hit the cement parking pad. I now chock both wheels and put an abrasive pad between the foot of the jack and the plastic blocks. Who knew? Obviously, I didn’t! Hopefully, this experience may help other campers who only chock one wheel on one side of their single-axle trailers.

After our unfortunate mishap with hitching the trailer we had an uneventful trip to our destination for the night: the Redhawk Casino in Placerville, California. Free Camping! Free is Good!

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

Travel Details:
Departed: Sanger, California
Departure Time: 12:45 P.M.
Arrived: Placerville, California
Arrival Time: 6:30 P.M.

Campground: Redhawk Casino
Type: Casino
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: N 38.69437
Longitude: W 120.90677
Elevation: 1,513 Feet
Camping Fee: Free
Campsite: NA
Campsite Hookups: None
Campground Amenities: Flush Toilets in Casino
Total Campsites: About 20

Cellular Service: Verizon – 4G-2 Bars
Internet Service: Verizon Jetpack – 5 Bars
Dish TV Satellite Service: No Service (Casino blocking southern sky)

Total miles traveled today: 232
Route Traveled:
West on CA-180
North on CA-99
East on US-50 to Casino

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