Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cedar Key, Florida - 01/12/12

We awoke to a beautiful sunny day with the temperatures in the mid-70’s here at Manatee Springs State Park near Chiefland, Florida.

We took a walk this morning to the Suwannee River to see if any Manatees were out and about. We were fortunate to see three of them. Two were swimming together and another was swimming a short distance away from the other two. It looked like all three were about 5 feet in length. It was quite a nice treat to see these gentle giant mammals gracefully swimming around us. The water is crystal clear so they are very easy to see.

This afternoon we drove to Cedar Key, Florida to have lunch at Tony's Seafood Restaurant and to sample their "World Champion Clam Chowder."

Indeed, it lived up to its reputation. The best clam chowder we have ever had! We purchased a frozen quart to share with my sister and her husband when we visit them on Monday. Cedar Key is 36 miles from Manatee Springs State Park and I would guess, is your typical weekend tourist town. There are lots of shops, bars and restaurants. We had a very pleasant time, but went there strictly for the clam chowder.

Tomorrow, another new adventure begins!

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