Sunday, January 8, 2012

Osceola National Forest - 01/08/12

We awoke to a beautiful day in northern Florida with temperatures in the mid-70’s. Sharon and I are basking in the warm weather and soaking up the sun.

This morning we took a walk around the Ocean Pond campground to get our daily dose of exercise. During our walk, we noticed a sign posted that warned of alligators present in the lake and surrounding forest. From that point forward we became more aware of our surroundings and kept a watchful eye out for any movement within the forest or near the lake.

We decided we would spend a relaxing day reading and perhaps play a board game under the canopy of the tall pine tress in our campsite. Sharon can consume a several hundred page novel in a day or two. I marvel at her speed reading ability and comprehension. I spend my time reading magazines and mostly non-fiction books.

We played the board game Scrabble. It was one of our better games, in that we had the letters spread out across the entire board. For the first time in a long time, I finally won. I was jubilant in my victory; Sharon hates to lose, at anything!

Chef Roberto (Bob) provided a gourmet meal of Panko encrusted sautéed chicken breasts, a medley of brown and wild rice with baby peas and turkey stuffing covered with chicken gravy. After dinner, we relaxed under some tall pine trees with a nice glass of wine, enjoying the wonders of the star studded night sky.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another beautiful day, sunny with temperatures in the mid-70’s. Life is good here in Florida!

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