Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rocky Point CG - 12/11/12

Tuesday – December 11, 2012

Tuesday – December 11, 2012

A cold front arrived out of the northwest last night with a vengeance. The temperature had dropped into the mid-20’s during the night. Fortunately, we are prepared for cold weather while traveling. Our two electric heaters kept us quite cozy warm in our home-away-from-home on wheels. The only minor mishap was the water in our water hose froze. It is a bright sunny day with the temperature in the mid-40’s, and the warmth from the sunshine quickly resolved that problem.

This morning we had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Texarkana, Texas at exit 220B on I-30, located 17 miles north of the campground. We were both ravished and had the Old Timers Breakfast. Our meal consisted of two eggs, a hash brown potatoes casserole, grilled southwest sausage, biscuits with gravy and grits. We finished everything except for two of the four biscuits and the grits. The sausage had a nice spicy kick to it, which we really enjoyed. OMG! The calories we consumed! We left the restaurant contented, but guilt ridden at the same time. We are determined to walk a good portion of those calories off today.

We returned to the campground early in the afternoon. True to our word, we took a brisk walk around the entire campground that took about an hour to complete. We agreed that lunch or dinner would not be required, since breakfast had already fulfilled our daily caloric intake requirements.

This evening we settled in on our campsite patio to await the sun to set over Wright Patman Lake. It did not disappoint. The sky was clear and the setting sun covered everything in sight with its magnificent brilliance. The reflection of the sun off of the surface of the water created a mosaic of dancing colors. Later in the evening we ventured outside to view the billions of stars twinkling in the pitch-black sky. A wonderful scenic-ending to another day of camping in northeastern Texas.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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