Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Birthday Girl - 12/12/12

Wednesday – December 12, 2012

Wednesday – December 12, 2012

We awoke to another cold morning with the temperature in the low 30’s. The temperature reached the low 50’s today with a warm front forecast for the rest of the week that will advance the temperatures into the mid-60’s.

Sharon’s smartphone alarm went off at 6:46 a.m. this morning, signifying the exact time of her birth. Yep, today is her birthday, the celebration begins! We had a small breakfast to conserve our appetites for lunch.

I sang several heart-felt different renditions of happy birthday to Sharon throughout the day. She seemed to enjoy them as much as I enjoyed singing them. After 33 years of marriage we just have so much fun together. We have one of the best relationships a married couple could ever hope for.

We had a wonderful late lunch at TaMolly's Mexican Restaurant in Texarkana. We both really enjoy spicy Mexican food and TaMolly’s did not disappoint. We followed lunch with a very nice tour of the Wright Patman Dam and Lake area.

Shortly after our return to our campsite it was time for our nightly ritual to view the sun setting over the lake. It was another beautiful sunset with the surface of the water reflecting multiple shades of red as the sun receded out of sight.

Around 5:30 p.m. each night the deer venture out of the forest into the campground to graze. Tonight was no different. We took a walk through the campground and encountered numerous groups of deer. It was not unusual to see 4 to 6 deer per group. The deer in this area were quite small, we were not sure if they were young ones or this was the normal size for an adult deer in this part of Texas.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our three-night visit here at Rocky Point Campground in Texarkana, Texas.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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