Thursday, May 1, 2014

Back at Home Base - 05/01/14

Thursday – May 1, 2014
Back at Home Base
Chicago, Illinois

After being on the road for the past five months it feels good to be back home. We decided early on in our travels that living in a RV full time would not suit our lifestyle. We certainly enjoy traveling, but prefer to have a home base to return to for a spell. That being said, time to get the lawn mower tuned up for the spring and summer mowing season, tend to some landscaping, cultivate the garden, stock our pond with some gold fish and start on the PIC’s (that would be Sharon!) to-do list. Maybe being on the road full time wouldn’t be so bad after all!

Our neighbors next door are kind enough to collect our mail for us while we are gone. It is absolutely amazing the amount of junk mail we received. It is difficult to appreciate the amount of junk mail one receives until you see five months worth of it piled up on a table. What a waste of natural resources and one’s time to sort the junk mail from the legitimate mail. We wish there was some way to stop junk mail, but we have not found one yet.

While we were away for the winter, we followed the weather reports on the brutal winter weather they were having in the Chicago area. Our neighbors confirmed this was one of the worst winters ever; severe cold with a lot of snow. We feel so fortunate we are able to travel to warmer climates during the winter.

The weather presently is in the low fifties. We shall see what the summer has in store for us.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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