Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tank Cleaning - 05/13/14

Tuesday – May 13, 2014
Tank Cleaning
Chicago, Illinois

Time for one of my not-so-favorite annual chores: clean the black and gray tanks on our Casita Travel Trailer. Obviously, the black tank is the most challenging of the two tasks. Sharon always gets a kick of watching me in my "Robin Williams" garb (suited up with black rubber gloves and apron) as depicted by Robin Williams in the movie RV.

Fortunately, the black tank only holds 15 gallons, so generally after twenty gallons of fresh water is flushed through it, the tank is pretty clean. The gray tank has a capacity of 32 gallons and is not as overwhelming to clean out as the black tank. After cleaning, both tanks are filled with fresh water and treated with Happy Camper Odorless Holding Tank Treatment. I let the treatment set in the tanks until our next trip. It seems to get the job done in terms of cleaning our tanks and eliminating odors.

The cleaning of the fresh water tank is straight forward. I drain the 25 gallon tank and the water lines. Then fill the tank with fresh water and about a pint of bleach. I run this solution through the water lines and let it set until our next trip.

With the tank cleaning tasks now behind me the Casita is good until next year. Project complete!

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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