Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Center of the World - 03/18/15 - Felicity, CA

Wednesday – March 18, 2015
Center of the World Pyramid
Felicity, California

Following our visit to the Imperial Dunes Recreation Area in Imperial Valley, California earlier today, we visited the Museum of History in Granite and the Center of the World Pyramid. Thousands of debt free acres, in a desert climate, provide ample space for this vast enterprise.

The Museum of History in Granite was founded by Jacques-Andre Istel, a French-American recreational parachutist and investment banker and later in life, a historian. He was widely responsible for popularizing parachuting in the United States. He is considered "the father of American skydiving."

The Museum of History in Granite captures the history of humanity on etched granite panels affixed to sixteen massive monuments. The granite monuments are engineered to last for 4,000 years, highlighting the collective memory of humanity. These granite monuments will serve to preserve the trace of civilizations and will represent our own in future millennia.

Granite Monuments include:

  • Early Aviation
  • U.S. Marine Corps Korean War Memorial
  • The Foreign Legion
  • The History of Arizona
  • The History of California
  • The History of Humanity

A pyramid marks the officially designated "Center of the World," based on a children’s book: COE – The Good Dragon at the Center of the World – by JAI. The Center of the World designation was legalized first by an amused Imperial County in California and then by the Government of France. A certificate is given to visitors for standing on the bronze plaque in the pyramid.

The Felicity Church sits atop an elevated, man-made, 150,000 ton earth mound, overlooking the monuments and pyramid. This is truly an inspiring sight to behold!

The museum is located 8 miles west of Yuma, Arizona at exit 164 on I-8
Museum Entrance Fee: $3.00 (additional $2.00 to enter the pyramid)
Museum Shop Open: December – March
Museum Restaurant: January – March (Lunch Only)

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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