Monday, March 23, 2015

Time to Say Goodbye - 03/23/15 - Yuma, AZ

Monday – March 23, 2015
Time to Say Goodbye
Yuma, Arizona

Well, it is time to say goodbye to the Imperial Dam, BLM, LTVA near Yuma, Arizona. We arrived here on November 18, 2014. In all of our years of camping, this is the longest time we have ever spent in one place. Normally, we spend a few days to a maximum of fourteen days in one place. However, spending over four months in the southwest desert region of Arizona has been very enjoyable.

Imperial Dam is predominately a popular winter destination for residents of Northern California, Oregon, Washington and the western provinces of Canada. There are a smattering of visitors within the U.S. from the East Coast, Midwest and Alaska.

We were fortunate to meet some very nice people during our visit. Of all the people we met, Buck and Ann of Sunnyvale, California were our next door neighbors, so to speak, and were a delightful couple to spend some quality time with. There five year old Norwich Terrier, "Jack", is such a sweet little dog. His playful antics provided joy and amusement for all whom passed by his domain in the desert. We look forward to seeing them again on our future visits to Arizona.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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