Friday, September 20, 2013

Generator Problem - 09/20/13

Friday – September 20, 2013
Generator Problem

We have been enjoying our visit to Aspen, Colorado, when our first major problem occurred on Thursday morning. Our Boliy, 3600 watt generator suddenly stopped running! After checking several things out I finally found the problem. A large piece of the plastic molded connector on the spark plug wire that connects to the spark plug had broken off. This is a specialized connector and without an exact replacement, a proper repair is almost impossible. Undaunted, I found an auto supply store in Aspen and purchased some metal spark plug connectors. My initial attempt to splice the spark wire to the connector was successful for about five minutes. The generator fired up fine, but the vibration from the engine vibrated the wire loose from the spark plug connector.

All day Thursday and part of Friday were spent disassembling and reassembling components of the generator in an attempt to provide a temporary fix for a good connection to the spark plug. All to no avail. Unfortunately, a spark wire assembly unique to this brand of generator is required. In addition, a major disassembly of major components attached to the engine is required just to attach the other end of the spark plug wire to the coil. Time for a Plan B.

The Boliy generator weighs close to 80 pounds and at 3600 watts has proven to be an overkill for our electrical requirements. A more practical approach for our electrical requirements would be the Honda EU2000i generator, at a weight of 47 pounds. I did an Internet search for a Honda generator dealer and found one in Clifton, Colorado, which is located about six miles east of Grand Junction, Colorado. I called them and they confirmed they had three of them in stock. We made arrangements to pick one up on Saturday.

We picked up some Sushi at the City Mart in Aspen and returned to our campsite at the Difficult Campground to finish off our day with a feast.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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