Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Moose, RMNP - 09/04/13

Wednesday – September 4, 2013
Moose in Our Campsite

This is our last day at the Timber Creek Campground in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We have been here for seven days. The maximum length of stay is seven nights total between June 1 and September 30. Stay limits are on a parkwide basis rather than on a per campground basis. So we must leave here tomorrow.

We decided this would be a good day to just relax at our campsite and enjoy the view of the mountains. It was late morning, Sharon was inside of the trailer reading a book on her Kindle and I was outside hanging washcloths and towels on our drying rack, when a couple from Apache Junction, Arizona stopped by to chat.

The Arizona couple had recently traveled to Alaska in a popup trailer and had grown tired of the rigors of setting up and tearing down the trailer. They had seen other Casita Trailers during their travels and stopped to chat with us about how we liked our Casita. They were an interesting retired couple, who had known each other since the 7th. Grade of school. They each went their separate ways in life and 52 years later, reunited with one another. They found each other through the Internet and are now sharing their lives together as a couple. They both enjoy restoring classic cars and travel around the U.S. picking up cars to restore.

The three of us were chatting by our campsite picnic table, when the gentlemen said to me "look behind you". I turned around and there was the cow moose with her calf approaching our campsite. I shouted to Sharon to stay in the trailer, but look out of the window. I stood at one end of the picnic table as the moose with her calf nonchalantly walked through our campsite within 10 feet of us. She continued on across the road and disappeared into the forest. The cow moose had to be at least six feet tall at her shoulders, she was just huge. Her calf was probably about 4 feet high at the shoulder, with a darker coating that looked soft and fuzzy. It was quite an exciting experience. I figured if the cow moose felt threatened by our presence and attacked, I could keep the picnic table between us. Fortunately, that was not necessary.

Sharon and I continued our visit with the couple from Arizona. They inquired if we had ever spent the winter in Arizona. We told them we spend our winters in Florida and asked them for their recommendations on where to winter in Arizona. Their first response was to spend it with them at their 45- acre ranch. They also suggested several camping areas east of Phoenix. We exchanged addresses and phones numbers and told them we would give them a call while traveling through Arizona on our way home in late October. Hopefully, we will be able to connect up with them.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.


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