Wednesday, March 19, 2014

424 Seafood Rest., NOLA - 03/19/14


Wednesday – March 19, 2014
424 Seafood Restaurant
French Quarter
New Orleans, Louisiana

We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in the Old French Quarter of New Orleans today. The weather cooperated, providing a warm, sunny day with the temperature in the low-seventies.

We drove from our campground, at the Bayou Segnette State Park, to the Algiers Ferry parking lot. We then took the ferry across the Mississippi River.

A view of New Orleans from the ferry

A short walk of about two blocks and we were enjoying the sights and sounds of the Old French Quarter. Most of our time was spent walking along two of our favorite streets: Bourbon Street and Royal Street. We always enjoy watching the street performers who pose as human mannequins and the street musicians performing for the tourists.

Street Performers

Street Muscians

We had a late lunch at around 2:00 p.m. at the Pier 424 Seafood Restaurant on Bourbon Street. We had eaten here before in March 2013 and it has become one of our favorite restaurants there. We ordered an appetizer of their Blackened Ahi Tuna. For our main course, I ordered the Grilled Drum Fish Stuffed with Blue Crab and Sharon ordered the Grilled Shrimp Grits Cake. Everything was absolutely delicious. The grits were prepared as a three-inch square, deep-fried cake about one one-inch thick. The grilled gulf shrimp were placed on top and around the grits cake, topped off with a very tasty sauce. I am not a fan of grits, but I really enjoyed them prepared as a deep-fried cake.

After completing a fun-filled day of sightseeing we boarded the Algiers Ferry for a five-minute trip across the mighty Mississippi River to the ferryboat parking lot. On this trip the ferry had to delay its departure while two barges, traveling south, cleared the area. A short walk from the ferry brought us to our Ford Cargo Van.

The absolute worse part of the drive to and from the ferry parking lot is the condition of the streets you must traverse to get there. These are narrow, bumpy streets with a patchwork quilt of repairs that limit your speed to 5-mph! Travel any faster and you run the risk of damaging your vehicle's suspension. Fortunately, you only have to travel about six blocks before you finally reach the main street where you can travel at 35-mph.

We arrived back at the campground ready to settle in for an evening of relaxation in our Casita trailer.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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