Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cooper Lake SP, TX - 10/17/13


Thursday – October 17, 2013
Cooper Lake State Park
Sulphur Springs, Texas

We awoke to a sunny blue sky, warmer weather and the sound of thousands of birds chirping, here at the Walmart in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Around 6:30 a.m. there was absolute quiet, all of the birds, at one time, suddenly departed, to continue on their migration south. In their wake were left numerous bird droppings and feathers throughout the Walmart parking lot. Note to self… never, ever, park again in the fly zone of migrating birds!

We stopped at a self-carwash in Sulphur Springs to clean our Ford E-150 Van and Casita Trailer from the road grime we had accumulated over the past two and one-half months of travel, plus now the newly deposited bird residue.

After completing the cleanup task at the carwash, we arrived at the South Sulphur Campground at the Cooper Lake State Park in Sulphur Springs, Texas at 9:45 a.m. We set up our newly cleaned van and trailer in campsite #41. We had spent three nights here in March 2013, and will spend two nights here on this visit.

In the afternoon we took a 4.8-mile hike through the state park campgrounds. There are four campgrounds here: Bright Star, Deer Haven, Oak Grove and Buggy Whip. We are staying in Bright Star that has 46 campsites with 50-amp electric service and water hookups at each site. Dear Haven has 40 campsites with 30-amp electric service and water hookups at each site. Oak Grove is located in the Deer Haven loop and has 15 walk-in tent only campsites. Buggy Whip is an equestrian only campground with 15 campsites. Each campsite has electric and water hookups and a hitching rail structure for several horses.

While we were walking through Buggy Whip we spotted an armadillo scurrying about in the bushes, busily feeding on insects. It seemed to be oblivious to our presence, as it would scurry to a spot, dig at the earth with its front legs and devour whatever it was it dug up. This feeding pattern repeated itself until it was within six feet of us and noticed our presence. It swiftly turned around and hightailed it into the bushes. Within moments, it was back to its feeding frenzy. We encountered another Armadillo in Deer Haven and another one later in the afternoon in our campsite. This state park apparently has a habitat quite suitable for the armadillo.

Camping Fee: $16.00 per night plus $5.00 per person, per day, state park entry fee.

Total miles traveled today: 26

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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