Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Truth or Consequences, NM - 10/08/13

Tuesday – October 8, 2013
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

A clear blue sky greeted us this morning here at the Elephant Butte Lake State Park in Elephant Butte, New Mexico. Warm temperatures during the day and cool temperatures at night, make for a delightful camping experience. The temperature is forecast to hit 90 today. Time to go exploring!

We took a trip to the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in search of a restaurant that serves the green chilli cheeseburger that is quite popular in this part of the state. We stopped at the visitor center in Truth or Consequences to inquire about a recommendation for a restaurant that serves these hamburgers. A very kind senior citizen lady, hosting the visitor center, recommended the BBQ Café just a few blocks down the street from the visitor center. We took her up on her recommendation. She was right! The BBQ Café served up a deliciously thick, green chilli cheeseburger. It is a small café, dedicated to serving the local population as well as tourists with good food.

Truth or Consequences, a population of 6,475, is located on Interstate 25 in the Rio Grand Valley. It is noted for its hot mineral springs. It is located 150 miles south of Albuquerque and 75 miles north of Las Cruces. Originally, this location was called Palomas Springs. In 1914, the name was changed to Hot Springs. In 1950, NBC television and radio producer Ralph Edwards, on the tenth anniversary of the Truth or Consequences radio program, mentioned to his staff that he wished some town in the U.S. liked his show enough to change its name to Truth or Consequences. The New Mexico State Tourist Bureau relayed this information to the Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce.

In a special election held in 1950, 1,294 of the town’s residents voted for the change to "Truth or Consequences," with 295 residents opposed to the change. The town name was changed. Ralph Edwards and his entire NBC crew came here in 1950 and aired the first live, coast-to-coast broadcast of the show Truth or Consequences from the newly named city of Truth or Consequences. Edwards came back every year for 50 years with his Hollywood friends to celebrate the anniversary of the name change.

Today, Truth or Consequences has gained a reputation as the home of an eclectic group of talented artists, fun and funky shops, excellent restaurants and the best place to be rejuvenated in their natural mineral springs.

Completing our tour of this interesting town, we returned to our campsite, fully refreshed and ready for a nice relaxing nap in our reclining lawn chairs.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.


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