Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mine That Bird, NM - 10/12/13

Saturday – October 12, 2013
Mine That Bird
Roswell, New Mexico

A few miles east of Roswell, on US-380 is the Double Eagle Ranch and Training Center. This ranch is home to the horse that won the Kentucky Derby in 2009, "Mine That Bird." We decided to check it out and took the 1.5-mile drive on NM-254 (White Mill Road), that runs south of US-380, to the ranch. It is a large ranch with training facilities geared toward the training and medical treatment of racehorses.

During our travels through Florida and Kentucky we are accustomed to seeing the numerous racehorse farms in those states. So, we were fascinated to happen upon the Double Eagle Ranch in New Mexico.

Besides seeing numerous horses out in the fields, while passing another ranch we were rewarded with the sight of several Texas Longhorn steers grazing in a field. Their horns were massive and are reported to extend as much as 7 feet tip to tip on some breeds.

The area east of Roswell is known as the dairy capital of southeastern New Mexico. On another side road we traveled on, we passed what appeared to be several dairy farms. We were amazed at the high density of cattle that were crammed into, what appeared to us, to be relatively small holding areas. The pungent smell emanating from these farms is overwhelming and will clear up any sinus congestion quite quickly.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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