Friday, October 4, 2013

Durango, CO - 10/04/13

Friday – October 4, 2013
Durango, Colorado

The cold front arrived last night, here at the United Campground in Durango, Colorado. Yesterday, the temperature was in the low 70’s, today, it was in the low 50’s and quite windy. Tonight, the temperature is forecast to be in the high 20’s. Time for us to head for warmer weather!

We took a self-guided walking tour of the downtown area of Durango this afternoon. With more than 16,000 residents, it is the largest town in southwest Colorado. The town offers over 500 stores for the avid shopper to explore. Shoppers will find unique specialty shops, art and photography galleries, outdoor specialty shops, plenty of coffee shops and restaurants.

The centerpiece of the town is the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Depot. Visitors from all over the world vacation here to experience the thrill of riding on this vintage train from Durango to Silverton.

On our way back to the campground, we stopped at HomeSlice Pizza and ordered one of their 16" gourmet pizzas to take back to our trailer. This is quite the unusual pizza place. The front of the building is a bar. The entrance is via a garage door, fitted with 12" squares of clear glass panels. The garage door stays open and provides access to a patio area in the front of the building. Patrons can enjoy pizza by the slice with a beer in the patio area or at a few tables inside of the bar. A food truck is permanently installed in the back of the building. A large rectangular window has been cut out of the back wall of the building to provide an access area to the food truck, where patrons can place their order for a pizza. The pizzas are then made inside of the food truck. We thoroughly enjoyed our pizza, it was delicious!

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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