Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wild Burros - 11/27/14 - Yuma, AZ

Thursday – November 27, 2014
Wild Burrows
Imperial Dam BLM
Yuma, Arizona

We are becoming quite accustomed to the wonderful weather here in the southwestern desert region of Arizona. Each day greets us with a clear, sunny sky. The daytime temperatures have ranged from the low to high seventies and the nighttime temperatures have generally been in the low fifties.

Hiking in the desert is filled with intriguing discoveries. The desert at first glance looks lifeless. All we initially see is miles and miles of rock-strewn terrain, with very sparse vegetation. On closer inspection, we see burrow holes that have been dug by the kangaroo rat (which only comes out at night). We spot several species of birds and lizards darting about. We spot hoof prints of wild burros on the narrow trails they make as they wander through the desert.

We have heard wild burros braying at night near our campsite. We have seen their hoof prints and droppings on several trails in the desert, but we have not seen any… until today. Off in the distance from our campsite, stood a solitary burro. We were surprised to see how small they are; probably about four feet high and five feet in length. It stayed in one spot all afternoon before it wandered off at sunset.

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving while camping in our Casita Trailer. We enjoyed a 3-pound boneless turkey that I roasted in our toaster oven. Our sides consisted of: turkey stuffing; a sweet potato mixture with rum, brown sugar and walnuts; a green bean mixture with bacon, onion and mushroom soup; and cream corn. We finished our meal off with a piece of pumpkin pie with a topping of whipping cream.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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