Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yuma Proving Ground, AZ - 11/30/14

Sunday – November 30, 2014
Yuma Proving Ground
Yuma, Arizona

We just discovered that civilian visitors are allowed to enter the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground. This is great news since it is only located 5 miles from our campground here at the Imperial Dam BLM, LTVA. At the Yuma Proving Ground we have access to free WiFi at the bowling center and grill. We had been traveling 25 miles to the library in Yuma to access free WiFi.

We visited the Yuma Proving Ground this afternoon. At the guard station, visitors are required to show the following documents:

  • Photo I.D. or Passport (each occupant in the vehicle must have one)
  • Proof of Automobile Insurance
  • Vehicle Registration

Civilian visitors have access to the base gas station, bowling center and grill, free movie theater and church. The gas station also fills propane bottles.

There is also a RV campground on the base for use by retired military veterans.

While we were touring the base we came upon this behemoth of a vehicle: The U.S. Army Overland Train.

The Overland Train was developed to transport equipment and supplies on both on-and-off-road terrains. The total train consisted of the Control Car, ten cargo cars, and two power generating cars. It was 565 feet in length. The vehicle is constructed primarily from aluminum with an initial cost of two million dollars. It can carry a payload of 150 tons at a speed up to 20 mph. It can travel a distance of 350 to 400 miles at an average speed of 5 mph.

In addition to the control cab, the control car contains living quarters that provide complete living, messing, and sanitary facilities for a crew of six men.

It was tested at the Yuma Proving Ground in 1962.

We finished off our tour of the base with a bacon-cheeseburger, followed by a dish of ice cream, at the grill in the bowling center.

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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