Sunday, April 26, 2015

Windmill Museum - 04/26/15 - Pie Town, NM

Sunday – April 26, 2015
Windmill Museum
Pie Town, New Mexico

For such a small town, Pie Town has many areas of interest to explore.

Windmill Museum
Enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of pie while you stroll through a collection of actual working windmills and well drilling equipment. Unfortunately, it was closed during our visit to Pie Town.

Volunteer Fire Department
Signs posted at the fire station recognize local supporters, past fire chiefs and EMS directors.

A classic fire engine resides behind the fire station.

Rusted Relics
A stroll through Pie Town provides views of rusted out relics from the past.

One enterprising individual built this mini-motorhome!

Tomorrow another adventure begins.

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  1. I have passed thru Pie Town a few times and the Windmill Museum was closed each time.